Friday, June 26, 2009

Yates has slate of questions for NTRA's Waldrop

Blogger and racehorse-owner Bill Yates recently cornered NTRA President Alex Waldrop -- or at least got the man to sit down at his e-mail -- to ask him a series of questions about the state of horse racing today.

Bill is to be commended for making his blog Odds On Favorite site for more than just his own musings about our favorite pastime. And it says a lot about the progress , and readership, of the blogosphere that a man of Waldrop's stature would take time to answer e-mailed questions from Bill. If only public officials in North Carolina were as responsive to and responsible with e-mail.

Waldrop has his own blog over at Today's topic: "Progress With Pitfalls," a blog on where is, where it's been and where it might be headed, particularly regarding alternate gaming.

I'm shocked that Waldrop's blog has received zero comments all day, especially considering he asked for opinions on some specific questions at the end.

I'm gonna go back over there and throw in my 2 cents.

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