Thursday, June 18, 2009

A brief bow to Ray Paulick

I blogged recently about the Paulick Report, which celebrated its one-year anniversary on Tuesday.

I wrote that I'd also e-mailed Ray Paulick, but he hadn't gotten back in touch with me yet. I wasn't complaining, I figured he had more important things on his calendar than me, and I was right. ("More important" being my words, not his.  But it's true.)

Mr. Paulick wrote back to me last night, however, having read my e-mail and my blog post. His response was gracious and I look forward to continuing a dialogue with him, because he knows racing journalism about as well as anyone could know racing journalism.

And -- much to my surprise -- Mr. Paulick linked my blog post as the top item on the Paulick Report this morning. I was at the "day job" until 2:30 this morning (creating something of a contradiction in terms; perhaps "all-day-and-night job" would be more accurate) and if not for my friend Bill Yates over at Odds On Favorite, I wouldn't know yet about the link. I was still trying to simultaneously plow through e-mail and breakfast at the office when I saw Bill's e-mail to that effect.

So, thanks, Bill, for the heads-up. And thanks, Ray Paulick, for both the kind response and the link.

My little spot in the blogging world has already today well-exceeded its prior daily traffic record of 95 user sessions, which was set yesterday, in fact. The prior record was 50, with a couple of days at 48 and 47 but typically only about 20 to 30 folks stopped by.

Today that number has already hit 120.

And to think I was wondering how I'd ever top yesterday.


  1. And at 1:15 p.m. EDT, now up to 171.

    From my Sitemeter stats, at least at this time of day, I wouldn't say Ray Paulick has a global audience. But he sure seems to be king of Kentucky. :-)

  2. Now 298 with 59 minutes to go until midnight.

    Previously I'd looked up where every visitor was coming in from. Can't do that for 300 people. But I do thank all of those who came by and stayed for a few minutes to read other pages.

    And another thanks to Ray Paulick for being a good journalist and a stand-up guy.

  3. Final tally for the 24-hour period, a far-and-away (and hard to beat) record 303 user sessions.

    I don't think 303 people will visit to see my new baby's photos.


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