Friday, June 19, 2009

One of the last new foal photos you'll see this year

Pictures are in, and stepping into the light for his close-up is the birthday boy ... as yet unnamed. But it's early. He's only 18 hours old.

Sarah Warmack of Hilltop Farm VA said he was a bit slow to nurse, so she milked the dam and syringed colostrum for him. And his IgG test came in over 800 this afternoon, so he's well-stocked with immunities from mama. Good job, Sarah!

Mom did stand a bit soon and pulled on the umbilical cord, so they're watching him for development of a hernia, but he's begun nursing well, so all seems to be good for now.

"He's a handful," Sarah writes, "loves to whinny and likes to play in the water bucket. He's very intrigued about the water buckets. Very odd for a newborn."

Sarah also says he's a "pensive" foal, maybe a bit of a thinker.

That's interesting, because while I was expecting a filly, the name that I had settled on was "Innermost Thoughts." ... Remember, the sire is Inner Harbour (Capote-Blue Sky Princess, by Conquistador Cielo) the dam Lady's Wager, by Valid Wager, out of Lear's Lady, who was out of the mare Idiomatic (by Verbatim).

"Idiomatic" means "peculiar to," particularly in the case of language (i.e., "idiomatic English"), that is, an expression often hard or impossible to define except in its common contextual usage within that language. Example of an idiom: "Beat him to the draw," a North American English phrase derived from gunfighting in the Old West.

It also can describe someone able to speak a language fluently when it is not his native tongue: "Though raised in Los Angeles, he spoke idiomatic French."

A third applicable definition involves displaying a distinctive style, for instance, "an idiomatic composer."

Anyway, perhaps it was a stretch, but "Innermost Thoughts" seemed, to a degree, to play off both sides of the pedigree. But, at risk of sounding -- I dunno, chauvinistic? -- it sort of seems too touchy-feely for a colt or gelding.

A couple of names popped to mind, considering he's a chestnut and his dam's name is Lady's Wager.

First, and sticking with me all day, "Bet It All On Red." ... Per Brisnet, seems to have never been issued by the Jockey Club. But doesn't really pay any homage to his sire.

Then, just now it hit me, "All In On Red." ... We get some "In" for Inner Harbour, and the spirit of the "Wager," as well. ... Likewise appears never-issued by the JC.

Those who have never been the breeder of a foal, nor the purchaser of an unnamed foal at the sales who still needs to be registered, probably had no idea how much thought goes into the naming process. At least, how much
can go into it, depending on the person doing the naming.

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