Friday, July 2, 2010

Schickedanz, Marino barred by Woodbine

So the rumor is true.

I heard yesterday, and tweeted (still not used to that), the news that the connections of the late Canadian champ Wake at Noon -- that is, owner Bruno Schickedanz and trainer Tom Marino -- were frozen out by Woodbine in the wake of the great horse's breakdown in an unsanctioned workout this week.

Schickedanz was trying to launch a comeback for his 13-year-old stallion whose fertility had proven to be nearly zero. Wake at Noon took a bad step, was injured, and had to be put down on the dirt training track at Woodbine, where he likely shouldn't have been allowed on the grounds. Canada's premier track bars horses over age 10 from racing or even being stabled there unless they have won a race in the past year. Wake at Noon hadn't run since 2007.

Now, Thoroughbred Times reports that entries of Schickedanz horses are being refused by Woodbine, which also has ruled Marino off the premises. Horses Schickedanz entered prior to the debacle will be allowed to run with the fields into which they were already drawn.

Neither Schickedanz nor Marino made themselves available for comment on Friday.


  1. It will be interesting to see how things change with the monitoring of horses shipping in and out of Woodbine after this - because you know it has to change. A simple in slip from trainers isn't likely to cut it anymore.

  2. I too think Woodbine should hold a GREAT deal of responsibility in to the horses coming in an out. I have entered woodbine several times just stating "Im going to race office" and away I go, often not showing ID. Also banning the trainer and Bruno, well the ORC proved he did nothing wrong rule wise. I dont believe Bruno would risk the life of any of his horses, I also know Tracy and Dessy (more so Dessy) and I tell you if he was not sound Dessy would not have got on him. Tracy is a doll and very committed to not only the horses but all animals. Here is a group of people who I know have rescued horses, dogs, cats and last time I was there even had a squirrel. I am very upset and some of the blogs about the farm and Schickedanz. Has anyone been to the farm or met these people? How can you judge someone if you are not there? I also want to know why Woodbine allows trainers to be licenced that DRUG thier horses (repeat affenders) how is this ok? How is it ok for trainer (wont mention the name) to be suspended for illegal drugs on a horse, the horse then goes on the vet list 2 times and then races again only to bow 2 tendons and be shipped off the track to the trainers farm were the horse will be sold for meat! not the first time this trainer has done this. But he gets a small suspention and off he goes again.
    Well that is my rant for the day, it comes down to one question to Woodbine 1. Why are the rules different for everyone?

    Thank you


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