Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A new blog that shouldn't be kept 'Confidential'

There's a great new addition to the turf blogosphere, and just in time for the Spa.

Liz O'Connell, a Hudson Valley farm manager and "foal nanny," has launched "Thoroughbred Confidential," which promptly earns a place among the Railbirds Row in the left column of this page. She scores big not only with today's heartwarming, hope-affirming tale of a tough filly who has already beaten the odds, but with a first-post that could be useful to anyone who is both spending considerable time at Saratoga this season, and is tech-dependent enough to want connectivity wherever they go. Liz lists all the known locations for WiFi service in and around Saratoga.

Liz was published in June in "The Rail" section of the New York Times online -- her story of a thoroughbred's birth and early development, "The Promise of a Foal." And she can be found on Twitter, where she's known as @nythoroughbred.

I'm pleased to be the first official follower of Liz O'Connell's "Thoroughbred Confidential," but I do have one piece of advice.

Dash over to and sign up for a free counter on your page, Liz. Once the equine- and turf-addicted readers of the Web world figure out where you are and what great stories you have to tell, you're gonna want to keep track of all that traffic.


  1. Thanks for the alert. I'll take a look at Liz's site right away.

    I like the layout of your site also. Is there a submission process for getting a site listed in the Railbird's Row section?

  2. Not now that I know where you are. :-)


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