Friday, July 2, 2010

Linda Shantz's fitting tribute to Wake at Noon

In the truest and most heartfelt response an artist can make, artist Linda Shantz was prompted to paint by news that former Canadian Horse of the Year Wake at Noon had died on the track at Woodbine in an ill-considered and ill-fated attempt at making a second racing comeback, this time at age 13.

A self-taught specialist in painting equine and animal subjects, the Ontario-based Shantz, upon hearing of Wake at Noon's demise, dug out an old photo of him taken on Queen's Plate Day almost exactly a decade ago, and used it for reference in crafting her tribute.

If you aren't familiar with her work (a bit hard to believe if you're a diehard racing fan) and/or haven't visited her blog, you're missing out. So, take this opportunity to get caught up, and to see her handsome homage to a courageous champion.


  1. Thanks Glenn! That was very kind of you! (no 'c' in the last name, though!) :-)

  2. My apologies, Linda. And I knew better, that's what's odd. I saw your comment for approval from my phone and thought: "No C? Of course no C? ... Must have flubbed one." ... But I flubbed ALL of them.

    Then I couldn't correct the post from the phone. I could correct the headline and the tags, but couldn't get a cursor in the right spot or navigate the text from the phone to fix those in the body. So I just took this down for awhile, until I could get back on WiFi with the laptop at a McDonald's in ... ummm ... wherever this is in Virginia. Just past Woodbridge or so.

    Again, my apologies, and the picture is beautiful. I don't know how you paint something like that so quickly.

  3. Well at least you were consistent with the flub! :-) Thanks again.


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