Friday, April 16, 2010

Fallon kicked by filly; fractured femur feared

Racing Post reports that Irish jockey Kieren Fallon was kicked in the thigh Friday during an incident in the paddock at Newbury.

The full extent of the injury has not been reported, but Richard Osgood, clerk of the course, told Racing Post that officials and doctors "are not certain if it is a fracture at this stage."

As one fan noted in the comments accompanying the story, a fractured femur would be a grievous injury. Considerable force is required to break the strongest bone in the human body, and if the injury indeed is a fracture, speculation soon will center on whether it will be the end of the talented but star-crossed jockey's career.

The incident occurred when Alioonagh got loose in the parade ring before a maiden fillies race at Newbury. She unsettled Fallon's mount, Ayam Zainah, as Fallon was waiting to be legged-up, and Ayam Zainah responded with a kick that struck the jockey.

"She became upset with the loose horse running around her," Ayam Zainah's trainer, Mick Channon, told Racing Post. "Our horse is a pussycat, she wouldn't hurt anyone."

Managing director at Newbury, Stephen Higgins, said that Fallon was "conscious but in a lot of pain."

Both he and Channon said the kick appeared to have struck Fallon in the thigh.

Said the trainer, Channon: "It didn't look good and I hope Kieren is going to be OK."

I'll offer my own well-wishes for Fallon, who has battled back from drug problems and race-fixing accusations (of which he was acquitted) -- and from a recent punch by a disgruntled competing owner -- to again assume his place among Europe's and the world's top race-riders.

I do hope the femur isn't fractured and that we'll see Kieren Fallon again, clean and healthy, riding on the world's biggest stages.

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  1. Yikes! Hopefully, the femur isn't fractured, but a kick like that has got to be bad no matter what.


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