Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Facebook ... finally

After 21 days, I'm officially alive and well on Facebook. Finally.

I'm not sure which of my last-ditch moves resulted in my worldly existence being successfully rejoined with the social-networking-account-in-limbo (that "the Facebook team" swore didn't exist). I sent an e-mail Monday morning requesting help, noting my confirmation code and linking to the "ghost" me on Facebook as I had many times before -- but this time from a different e-mail address, in case the first address I'd tried to use had been blacklisted from all the snippy correspondence I'd been sending.

And, I did something I've never done before; I contacted Facebook's Media Relations department to note that I was working on a column about my troubles signing up for Facebook (which would have been an extension of the blog post linked above, only for my newspaper) and said I would just like to ask someone a few questions about their customer service.

By late Monday afternoon I received a personal e-mail from "Justin" -- of the Facebook team -- noting that he'd reset the password and I could now access that account. You know, the one that didn't exist.

Now that I'm active, I have a question.

Why's it easier to make friends on a social networking site? I have 23 already. ... Of course, a significant percentage are relatives, and they're sort of stuck with me.

Anyway, to the rest of you Facebook users ... see ya over there.

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