Saturday, August 1, 2009

Long time, no post ... see ya at Ellis?

Considering I haven't posted on the blog since Wednesday, I figured I'd better make an effort for those of you who've wondered whether I dropped off the face of the earth.

O.K., nobody wondered that, I haven't heard from a soul in my absence.

I've spent the past couple of days trying to get my act together for a road trip, which means doing about a week's worth of necessities ahead of time at the office, not to mention prepping the house and the dog-sitter for the time away. Lucky for that guy the dogs seem to like him. It was smart of me to have him start visiting a couple of weeks ago and always bring treats.

I notice Mine That Bird came up a bit short again when asked too soon, this time in the West Virginia Derby. Somebody needs to listen to Chip Woolley and keep that horse covered up on the rail until they straighten out for home. Considering Calvin Borel did it to perfection in the Kentucky Derby, I'm surprised that nobody's gotten it quite right since. Of course it's a little easier to keep a horse covered when he's running last of 20 than it was for Mike Smith on Saturday in a field of six.

Last word for this post -- though I might have another before I start driving, I have a couple in the works, but unfinished.

There's a chance I'll be stopping by at Ellis Park a week from Sunday, Aug. 9. (Why Ellis? Because it's the closet open racetrack on my route home. And when traveling alone, you know, any excuse to stop at a racetrack is plenty of excuse.)

Anybody who frequents Ellis and will be at the track on that date, keep an eye out for the guy who looks like one of the barns from the back side sprouted legs and hiked around to the grandstand to place a bet.

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  1. I didn't used to be a Calvin fan, I thought he skimmed his way past better horses to victory, but the reality is, he’s a DAMN GOOD RIDER, he moves his horse to a position which provides the best possible chance of victory, too his detractors “what the hell is wrong with that.”


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