Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Best ... blog ... ever

At the risk of getting all "Blood-Horsey" with my use of an Interwebs-styled headline, I find it necessary in order to sufficiently hype the following contribution to the blogosphere.

And no, the contribution is not mine.

"Malcer," a regular reader of this blog (as I'm a follower of his) is a 26-year-old student in Germany, and author of The Dresden File, a horse racing-oriented blog with a global vision.

While I was up to my eyeballs in work being a fill-in sports editor at my daily newspaper last week, Malcer was busy delivering -- as the headline here suggests -- the best ... blog ... ever. Or, at least in my opinion, the most entertaining series of blog posts since I joined (and began paying attention to) the horse racing blogosphere back in May.

Yeah, that's a small window of time. But his series is worthy of the praise.

Malcer provided us with his top-10 list of "World's Weirdest Racetracks." I won't detail them in any way; he handled that quite nicely. I'll just list them for you here, and encourage you -- if you haven't seen them already -- to click all the links and read his work. Each post really is a gem. (You might want to read his intro to the series first.)

Without further ado, The Dresden File's list of the 10 "World's Weirdest Racetracks:"

1. Newmarket Racecourse (England)
2. St. Moritz Racecourse (Switzerland)
3. Laytown Strand Races (Ireland)
4. Goodwood Racecourse (England)
5. Champ de Mars (Mauritius)
6. Happy Valley Racecourse (Hong Kong)
7. Birdsville Races (Australia)
8. Pontefract Racecourse (England)
9. Hamilton Park (Scotland)
10. Pukekohe Park (New Zealand)


  1. Glenn, I, too, was impressed with Malcer's work on this series, and it's great you've compiled them all here for readers who may have missed them at The Dresden File.

  2. I just realized I've got some sort of weird bullets there instead of the numbers 1 through 10 ... even though in Blogger, I set that up as a numbered list, not a bulleted list.

    I'll have to try fixing that.

  3. OK ... from a completely site-technical-side sense, are people here seeing a numbered list? Or a weird, flower-shaped-bulleted list?

    When I try to edit the post, both the "Compose" view and the "Preview" option show me a numbered list. In HTML, I see no numbers of course, just coding that suggests a numbered list (or, at least, a list of some sort).

    But when I view the blog post, I see no numbers, just flower-shaped bullets.

    What the ... ?

    Any suggestions from experienced users?

  4. Ugh ... I just removed the "numbered list" style and and did it manually, which wasn't significantly harder and at least looks like it works all modes of viewing.

  5. Well, thanks again to you and Sid (and Equidaily) for all the extra hits you got me. Really glad you liked it.

    This post of yours really made my day, Glenn. I got up before 5:30 and made my way to my job just to be phoned in the middle of the trip that they wouldn't need me today because a large delivery was delayed until tomorrow, so it was really nice to read some praise when I came back.


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