Saturday, April 3, 2010

That deceptively juicy Beulah carryover

Beulah Park on Saturday has a $201,759 carryover for its "Fortune 6" wager, but the game is no ordinary "Pick 6."

Beulah's Fortune 6 is a 25-cent wager that will pay out the full pool only if there is just one winning ticket purchased. Otherwise -- should there be, say, two bettors or seven bettors or 70 bettors who all pick the six winners of Races 3 through 8 -- only 40 percent of the daily pool is paid out, divided equally among those who hit the six. The remaining 60 percent of the wagers placed on that day's Fortune 6 will be carried over to the next day's pool, to await the date that only one gambler hits all six races.

Thus, just about every day somebody -- usually many somebodies -- takes down the Pick 6 at Beulah, a track notorious for chalky outcomes. Hence the Fortune 6 payouts over the last three dates of $468.20 from a $64,201 Monday pool, $497.50 on a pool of $56,415 from Tuesday, and $742.90 on a $63,320 Friday pool.

So, the bad news is, chances are you won't be the "unique" ticket-holder who rakes in the whole pot, including $201K carryover, at Beulah today.

But the good news is, a $500 or $750 payout on a Pick 6 with a base wager of 25 cents is still a pretty fun way to bet on the races from anywhere in the country on a Saturday. And if you keep playing and keep correctly picking all half-dozen races at Beulah on a regular basis, maybe one of those days will be the time when a 70-1 bomb blows up everybody's Fortune 6 ticket but yours, and you'll have to haul the loot home in a moving van.

Record payout on the Fortune 6, after all, is $364,589.50 on Jan. 30, 2007 -- from a 25-cent base bet.

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  1. It appears that either April 14th or May 1st should be the final payout day. That should be a blast. Pool could be up to half a mill going in and might well attract in the neighborhood of 300k the final day.
    One would think that 4 per race should give you a chance but it probably won't.



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